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From mundane to magnificent landscape

Proudly serving Boulder County since 1986, creating organic, energy-wise, sustainable, low-water  landscapes.

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Landscaping Services in Boulder, Colorado

Our Landscape Design Philosophy

April believes that Nature and Passion should embrace and dance throughout your gardens. Nature is never stagnant. As such, each aspect of your garden should create a space or a space within a space that enhances the joy, laughter, serenity and sense of community that surrounds it. Gardens are a reflection of who we are.

We capture that essence

Our services include:

  • Garden design and installation
  • Daily or weekly maintenance
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Organic and Bee Friendly fertilizers for your gardens and lawns.
  • Spring and Fall garden clean up
  • Eco friendly garden audits and consultations
  • Container pots for a splash of beauty that says: “welcome”
  • Pruning and tree/shrub installation
  • Low water and Bee Friendly Designs
  • Wildflower naturalization
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Spring and Fall bulb designs: from tulips to fall crocus ~ we welcome the changes of the seasons!


At Grassroots Landscape Inc. our emphasis is on creating a garden space that welcomes those who grace its pathways. Be it residential or commercial, we believe that gardens are the calling cards that say who we are or who we welcome. April creates this through capturing the simplicity of beauty, texture, color and diversity. We love the “WOW” factor. Sometimes that wow factor comes from the dew drop on the tiniest flower. Other times it’s a garden bed in springtime filled to the brim with color and dreams of what is to come. Each garden we design is an original piece of Living Landscape Art that is designed from the wish list or needs and desires of our clients.

Grassroots Landscape’s garden displays are never stagnant. As in nature, the garden should continually change, evolve, and dance with the seasons. Our lives are not static and our gardens are merely one more reflection of that dynamism. April’s designs place an emphasis on flowing lines and curves, capturing small spotlights of space within a space within a space. Her design philosophy: “I believe that gardens, no matter how big or small, should have spaces for reflection and spaces for excitement and passion.”

A garden says WELCOME in every language.


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